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About Sanow & Associates...
Sanow & Associates nationwide executive recruiter, search firm, headhunter, with over 20 years experience working exclusively with custom molders in the plastics & rubber industries.

Sanow & Associates is a division of Cochran, Cochran & Yale - a leader in executive and technical search for over two decades. In that time, we have created a respected recruiting facility for manufacturing and service companies nationwide. Sanow & Associates is characterized by a strong commitment to evaluation, location, and selection of high caliber individuals.

The Process...
The Sanow process begins with a understanding of your organization. We develop an assignment profile based on your requirements and current market conditions.
We then take the profile to the market in order to secure the most appropriate talent available. We investigate competitive sources, looking for proven performers who will best leverage your businesses. Sanow & Associates has successfully recruited for hundreds of clients across North America. Successful assignment placements nationwide include Sales & Marketing positions in... Custom Plastic Injection Molding and Custom Rubber Molding.
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Nationwide Sales & Marketing Recruiters For Custom Molders In The Plastics & Rubber Industries.
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